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This service is no longer offered

If your federation also has an interest in a professional national rating-calculation, you can expect on the following possibilities:

  • Schematic overview
  • The federation gets a general licence for Swiss managers. Then they can administrate all tournaments (not only rated).
  • The rating calculation for the next rating period (rating preview) happens daily automatically at night.
  • After the daily rating calculation an Excel-File or CSV file (if more than 65,000 players) with the rating preview for the next period is generated.
  • The Rating officer gets a extended Swiss manager version which has additional functions for the rating-calculation. (online access to the national ratings-data/player-database, easy check of tournaments, new players can easy inserted in the player-database, releasing of tournaments for the rating calculation)
  • The rating server for a federation runs under, NAT..FIDE abbreviation of the federation. E.G., for Iceland.
  • The national rating officers get all necessary grants and must login on
  • The rating officer work over a secure https-connection.
  • To calculate the ratings it is neccessary to upload all rated tournaments to At the moment the upload to is only with possible Swiss-Manager. However, when required an interface can be defined for the import to
  • With regard to data protection: is an dedicated server and is in a secure computer centre in Germany. At the moment only I have access to the server.
  • The data are saved in a MS-SQL server database on 2 hard disks (Mirroring=Raid 1).
  • The database is daily Full backuped on a 3-rd hard disk.
  • The national MS-SQL server database can be downloaded by the rating officer from
  • The rating server offers the following dialogs:
    Registration dialog: Here all rated tournaments are shown. The organizer must register his tournaments to the rating calculation. The registration itself happens with Swiss manager.
    Dialog for the query of the ratinglist including history and preview on the next rating-date.
    Showing of all calculated games of a player (rating, rating +/-, K factor... )
    Dialog for the player-database (Show/Insert/Change/Delete).
    Dialog for the national rating-dates (Show/Insert/Change/Delete).
    Dialog for the FIDE rating-dates (Show/Insert/Change/Delete). (for displaying the FIDE-ratings in the ratinglist and, perhaps, for the calculation of the first rating)
    Dialog for the Parameters-Table (Show/Insert/Change/Delete).
    Dialog for the Rating corrections (Show/Insert/Change/Delete).
    Dialog to the "fusion" of players, if the player was twice stored.
    All dialogs are available in German or English. They can be translated online into the national language.
  • Price: One-time for the setup and adaptation of the rating calculation approximately 2.000 Euros (depending on expenditure of time), per calculated game maximum 25 cents *) (including VAT tax). *) Depends on the yearly calculated games. The more the cheaper. All costs are covered with it. The minimum cost are 4000 Euro per year.
  • Professional reliable hardware, software and technical Support.

Heinz Herzog, Rating officer from Austria