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Latvian 2017th Youth chess championship semifinal (U-12)

Last update 05.02.2017 14:26:54, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank

1IBurenkovs Artjoms11611596LAT1672U12Daugmale BJC/Ni
2IKuklins Martins11606932LAT1478U12Jurmala/Kovsuns
3ILahs Einars11606797LAT1441U12Daugavpils/Krivihs
4ITabors Emils11608854LAT1435U12Riga Chess school/Matisone
5IBogdanovics Kirills11608064LAT1413U12Riga Chess school/Matisone
6IFilipovs Jevgenijs11608820LAT1390U12Riga Chess school/Matisone
7IStepanovs Dans11610972LAT1378U12Rigas 13. vsk./Raudive
8ISpringis Jevgenijs11610506LAT1298U12Riga Chess school/Matisone
9IDaleckis Deniss11610441LAT1293U12Riga Chess school/Matisone
10IFreibergs Andrejs11610891LAT1277U12Riga Chess school/ Borisovs
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