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GM International Winter 2017 Petah Tikva

Last update 04.03.2017 20:32:59, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 70)

Starting rank list of players

5GMKravtsiv Martyn14113147UKR2628
6GMZubov Alexander14109409UKR2605
9GMBortnyk Olexandr14120828UKR2581
8IMReshef Omer2804336ISR2461
7FMGrinberg Eyal2806070ISR2451
3IMMindlin Alon2800071ISR2410
10FMVeinberg Nimrod2810280ISR2394
1FMBakalchuk Johnatan2810301ISR2388
2IMKudischewitsch David4111893RUS2355
4IMDeutsch Eyal2803917ISR2333