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Tancats del Tres Peons: Grup 6

Last update 17.06.2017 00:09:37, Creator/Last Upload: federaciĆ³n catalana de ajedrez (60)

Starting rank list of players

9Bertrand Sjors01700Tres Peons C.E.
7Casabona Fina David01700Tres Peons C.E.
8Jimenez Molina Victor16181817Tres Peons C.E.
6Quintanilla Paz-Soldan Mario14781674Tres Peons C.E.
5Zamora Leon Eduard14761688Tres Peons C.E.
2Molina Tabernero Jordi14371630Tres Peons C.E.
3Porta Guiu Lourdes13541624Catalunya C.E.
1Aleksanyan Israilyan Nicolas12821384Peona I Peo, C.E.
4Orts Gonzalez Rafael10231401Sant Marti C.E.