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5. Int. Bad Ragazer Oster-OPEN 2010

Last update 11.04.2010 10:55:38, Creator: vbg. schachverband (ing. baumberger),Last Upload: heinz herzog

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMSchenk Andreas2506GER 64b1 15w½ 24b1 17w1 9b1 3b½ 4w16,031,523,026,50
2IMFilipovic Branko2432CRO 65w1 25b½ 39w1 8b1 5w½ 11b1 3w16,031,022,526,50
3IMWeindl Alfred2369GER 52b1 28w1 27b1 6w1 4b1 1w½ 2b05,533,524,024,50
4IMHabibi Ali2312GER 18b1 37w1 26b1 7w1 3w0 10b1 1b05,034,024,022,50
5IMKelecevic Nedeljko2288SUI 51b1 38w½ 15b1 21w1 2b½ 7w½ 9b½5,032,022,522,25
6Potterat Marc2218SUI 49w1 42b1 14w1 3b0 13w½ 8b½ 31w15,031,022,020,50
7FMGoldstern Filip2331NED 41w1 45b1 31w1 4b0 25w1 5b½ 13w½5,030,021,520,00
8Holm Kristian Stuvik2065NOR 75b1 46w1 9b½ 2w0 32b1 6w½ 27b15,030,021,519,00
9Froewis Georg2281AUT 54w1 47b1 8w½ 40b1 1w0 39b1 5w½5,030,020,519,00
10Neuberger Guido2150GER 22b1 24w0 59b1 30w1 26b1 4w0 28b15,028,520,519,50
11FMNikolayev Igor A2310USA 72w1 40b½ 25w½ 29b1 42w1 2w0 26b15,027,519,017,75
12Gruettner Ralf2092GER 34w1 14b0 49w1 42b0 50w1 29b1 24w15,027,019,019,00
13Binggeli Christian1972SUI 46b0 75w1 82b1 27w1 6b½ 17w1 7b½5,026,519,518,00
14Froewis Annika1905AUT 77b1 12w1 6b0 26w0 56b1 15w½ 38b14,528,020,516,75
15Gnirk Torsten2039GER 62w1 1b½ 5w0 71b½ 49w1 14b½ 57w14,528,019,516,50
16Heinrich Thomas2208GER 55b1 30w½ 38b½ 32w½ 35b1 28w½ 20b½4,527,519,517,50
17FMKock Hans-Uwe2117LIE 63w1 29b½ 71w1 1b0 53w1 13b0 42w14,527,519,014,50
18Schmidt Maurin1871SUI 4w0 70b1 43w1 31b0 80w1 19b½ 39w14,525,518,514,25
19Hauser Robert2097SUI 60b½ 81w1 30b½ 24w½ 38b½ 18w½ 48b14,524,518,015,00
20Lang Fabian2049SUI 57w1 71b½ 29w0 72b1 41w1 31b½ 16w½4,524,517,515,00
21Kuenzli Simon2028SUI 80w½ 83b1 33w1 5b0 29w½ 61b1 23w½4,524,517,514,25
22Montanari Josef1804SUI 10w0 73b1 35w½ 45b1 39w0 72b1 40w14,524,517,014,00
23Mueske Matthias2183GER 81b½ 90w1 32b½ 38w½ 24b½ 44w1 21b½4,522,517,013,50
24Hehle Bernhard1919AUT 73w1 10b1 1w0 19b½ 23w½ 25b1 12b04,031,523,016,00
25Ernst Heinz2035SUI 69b1 2w½ 11b½ 51w1 7b0 24w0 43b14,030,021,015,50
26Hesse Juergen2065GER 66w1 43b1 4w0 14b1 10w0 63b1 11w04,029,021,014,00
27Schnabel Andreas2153GER 76w1 53b1 3w0 13b0 54w1 47b1 8w04,028,520,513,00
28Ruescher Christian1985AUT 67w1 3b0 63w1 54b1 31w½ 16b½ 10w04,028,520,013,75
29Hiebeler Gernot1916AUT 92b1 17w½ 20b1 11w0 21b½ 12w0 59b14,027,521,513,00
30Redzepi Halit1937SUI 61w1 16b½ 19w½ 10b0 34w½ 71b1 33w½4,027,520,014,00
31Remensberger Paul2085SUI 88b1 74w1 7b0 18w1 28b½ 20w½ 6b04,027,020,512,75
32Wurster Axel1946GER 85w1 33b½ 23w½ 16b½ 8w0 59w1 36b½4,027,020,013,50
33WGMVilerte Tamara2224LAT 48b1 32w½ 21b0 52w1 44b½ 38w½ 30b½4,026,518,514,50
34Ruzicka Tomas1787CZE 12b0 92w1 37b1 36w0 30b½ 35w½ 64b14,025,019,012,00
35Salzer Robert1953SUI 59b0 79w1 22b½ 60w1 16w0 34b½ 61w14,024,517,512,75
36Bujukliev Nikola2184MKD 50w½ 80b1 40w0 34b1 47w½ 42b½ 32w½4,024,018,013,25
37Würth Thomas1959SUI 70w1 4b0 34w0 66w1 43b0 80b1 63w14,023,516,511,00
38Djalalova Nigora1948UZB 84w1 5b½ 16w½ 23b½ 19w½ 33b½ 14w03,529,022,013,25
39Wagner Manfred2049GER 79b1 59w½ 2b0 48w1 22b1 9w0 18b03,529,020,512,00
40Plieger Josef1994AUT 87b1 11w½ 36b1 9w0 59b½ 43w½ 22b03,527,020,011,75
41Gimmel Rolf1872SUI 7b0 56w1 46b1 44w½ 20b0 55w½ 58b½3,527,018,512,25
42Halwachs Siegfried1938AUT 86b1 6w0 88b1 12w1 11b0 36w½ 17b03,526,520,010,00
43Moosbrugger Alexander1723AUT 58b1 26w0 18b0 64w1 37w1 40b½ 25w03,526,519,012,25
44Wahl Peter1991SUI 71w0 57b1 50w1 41b½ 33w½ 23b0 49w½3,525,018,012,50
45Janasik Gerhard Dr2028GER 56b1 7w0 48b½ 22w0 60b½ 81w1 55b½3,525,018,010,50
46Bahl Felix1627AUT 13w1 8b0 41w0 76b½ 68w½ 50b½ 72w13,525,017,512,00
47De Anna Franco1947SUI 78b1 9w0 60b½ 62w1 36b½ 27w0 56b½3,525,017,510,75
48Zuest Leonard1847SUI 33w0 85b1 45w½ 39b0 67w1 53b1 19w03,524,017,510,25
49Schuhmacher Jakob1841GER 6b0 86w1 12b0 89w1 15b0 69w1 44b½3,524,017,57,75
50Lusti Reto1823SUI 36b½ 82w½ 44b0 87w1 12b0 46w½ 78b13,522,515,59,25
51Fopp Stefan1863SUI 5w0 84b1 61w1 25b0 71w½ 57b0 76w13,522,515,58,75
52Schoch Thomas1891SUI 3w0 67b½ 83w1 33b0 61w0 73b1 71w13,522,515,08,50
53Danz Rolf1930SUI 89b1 27w0 62b½ 74w1 17b0 48w0 60b13,522,016,08,50
54Berset Alan1855SUI 9b0 78w1 90b1 28w0 27b0 62w½ 74b13,522,016,07,50
55Petrov Kosta1830SUI 16w0 61b0 84w1 67b½ 76w1 41b½ 45w½3,522,015,59,50
56Hitzhaus Rainer1718AUT 45w0 41b0 92w1 68b1 14w0 82b1 47w½3,521,015,57,75
57Muzaferovic Ibrahim1768AUT 20b0 44w0 86b1 81w½ 89b1 51w1 15b03,521,015,07,50
58Siegel Adrian Dr2031SUI 43w0 66b½ 80w½ 75b1 63w0 83b1 41w½3,519,514,08,75
59Gassner Mathias1600AUT 35w1 39b½ 10w0 65b1 40w½ 32b0 29w03,027,019,010,50
60Heinrici Simon1798AUT 19w½ 68b½ 47w½ 35b0 45w½ 65b1 53w03,025,017,510,25
61Florin Jon1513SUI 30b0 55w1 51b0 88w1 52b1 21w0 35b03,024,518,58,50
62Hofer Emilian1746AUT 15b0 64w1 53w½ 47b0 65w½ 54b½ 68w½3,024,016,59,50
63Gajic Milos0SUI 17b0 77w1 28b0 90w1 58b1 26w0 37b03,023,518,07,00
64Studer Kurt1903LIE 1w0 62b0 70w1 43b0 87w1 84b1 34w03,023,515,57,00
65Reust Erika1900SUI 2b0 69w1 74b½ 59w0 62b½ 60w0 80b13,022,514,57,75
66Koller Arthur1778SUI 26b0 58w½ 68w½ 37b0 73w½ 77b½ 83w13,021,515,57,75
67Nussbaumer Laslo1639AUT 28b0 52w½ 81b½ 55w½ 48b0 78w½ 82b13,021,015,07,75
68Lechenbauer Karl1988AUT 74b0 60w½ 66b½ 56w0 46b½ 89w1 62b½3,020,015,07,75
69Novovic Momcilo1745AUT 25w0 65b0 77w½ 73b½ 85w1 49b0 84w13,019,513,56,50
70Baumann Willi1608AUT 37b0 18w0 64b0 77b1 82w0 90w1 81b13,019,013,55,50
71Strobl Helmut1683GER 44b1 20w½ 17b0 15w½ 51b½ 30w0 52b02,528,020,09,75
72Zoller Patrik1867SUI 11b0 87w1 89b½ 20w0 74b1 22w0 46b02,523,517,05,25
73Bischofberger Dario1454SUI 24b0 22w0 79b½ 69w½ 66b½ 52w0 89b12,522,016,05,75
74Summer Johann1681AUT 68w1 31b0 65w½ 53b0 72w0 87b1 54w02,521,515,56,50
75Juergens Helmut1770GER 8w0 13b0 85w1 58w0 78b0 91b1 77w½2,521,515,54,25
76D'Acunto Michele1817ITA 27b0 89w0 78b1 46w½ 55b0 79w1 51b02,521,015,56,75
77Froewis Gerhard1445AUT 14w0 63b0 69b½ 70w0 90b1 66w½ 75b½2,520,014,55,25
78Nussbaumer Vincent1571AUT 47w0 54b0 76w0 92b1 75w1 67b½ 50w02,519,515,05,00
79Paliwoda Felix1759SUI 39w0 35b0 73w½ 83b0 86w1 76b0 85w12,518,012,54,75
80Büchel Samuel1704SUI 21b½ 36w0 58b½ 82w1 18b0 37w0 65w02,025,519,06,00
81Nesimovic Kemal1820AUT 23w½ 19b0 67w½ 57b½ 83w½ 45b0 70w02,024,017,56,50
82Andjelkovic Slavoljub1830SUI 83w½ 50b½ 13w0 80b0 70b1 56w0 67w02,022,015,05,75
83Vuckovic Nebojsa1662SUI 82b½ 21w0 52b0 79w1 81b½ 58w0 66b02,021,014,54,50
84Potterat Alina1578SUI 38b0 51w0 55b0 86w1 88b1 64w0 69b02,019,514,53,00
85Albicker Laurenz1538SUI 32b0 48w0 75b0 91w1 69b0 88w1 79b02,018,013,02,50
86Lincke Paul1531SUI 42w0 49b0 57w0 84b0 79b0 -1 91w12,017,513,02,50
87Hoecker Horst1696GER 40w0 72b0 91w1 50b0 64b0 74w0 90b12,017,012,52,00
88Britschgi-Zwimpfer Michele1783SUI 31w0 91b1 42w0 61b0 84w0 85b0 -12,017,012,02,50
89Nussbaumer Patrick1462AUT 53w0 76b1 72w½ 49b0 57w0 68b0 73w01,521,015,03,75
90Nussbaumer Maria0AUT 91w1 23b0 54w0 63b0 77w0 70b0 87w01,019,514,01,00
91Potterat Aaron0AUT 90b0 88w0 87b0 85b0 92w1 75w0 86b01,011,58,01,00
92Laager David0SUI 29w0 34b0 56b0 78w0 91b0 -0 -00,017,012,00,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable