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Individual Men's Rapid Chess Doha2006

Last update 04.12.2006 19:45:43, Creator/Last Upload:

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKazhgaleyev Murtas2609KAZ 36w1 20b1 4w½ 18b1 6w1 2b½ 12w1 3w½ 13b17,52076138,50,0
2GMDao Thien Hai2557VIE 29w1 14b1 6w½ 4b1 16w1 1w½ 3b0 11w1 7b17,02084736,50,0
3GMBu Xiangzhi2671CHN 32w1 18b0 15w1 19b1 12w1 10b1 2w1 1b½ 4w½7,02033935,50,0
4GMKasimdzhanov Rustam2672UZB 24b1 10w1 1b½ 2w0 17b0 20w1 19b1 8w1 3b½6,02028930,00,0
5GMSadvakasov Darmen2596KAZ 33b½ 28w1 9b0 22w1 10b0 32w½ 30b1 17w1 6b16,01962126,50,0
6GMWang Yue2644CHN 30b1 17w1 2b½ 9w1 1b0 11w1 10w1 13b0 5w05,52068133,50,0
7GMMoradiabadi Elshan2539IRI 37b1 11w½ 27b1 12w0 8b½ 17w1 9b½ 18w1 2w05,52035430,00,0
8IMLaylo Darwin2448PHI 40w1 12b½ 16w½ 13b½ 7w½ 14b½ 24w1 4b0 20w15,52032828,00,0
9GMNguyen Anh Dung2541VIE 26w1 15b½ 5w1 6b0 20w1 18b½ 7w½ 16b½ 12w½5,52032730,00,0
10GMBarsov Alexei2537UZB 25w1 4b0 36w1 14b1 5w1 3w0 6b0 21b½ 19w15,52025229,00,0
11GMHarikrishna P.2674IND 21w1 7b½ 18w½ 20b½ 15w1 6b0 14w1 2b0 16w15,52019528,50,0
12GMAl-Modiahki Mohamad2550QAT 38b1 8w½ 19w½ 7b1 3b0 30w1 1b0 15w1 9b½5,52005429,00,0
13GMSasikiran Krishnan2675IND 22b½ 33w½ 38b½ 8w½ 36b1 19w½ 27b1 6w1 1w05,51983127,00,0
14Annaberdiev Meilis2457TKM 31b1 2w0 23b1 10w0 29b1 8w½ 11b0 27w1 18b15,51974626,00,0
15IMDableo Ronald2425PHI 42b+ 9w½ 3b0 27w1 11b0 36w1 17b½ 12b0 29w15,02007325,50,0
16GMGhaem Maghami Ehsan2581IRI 28b½ 22w1 8b½ 31w1 2b0 21w1 18b½ 9w½ 11b05,01978628,50,0
17GMMegaranto Susanto2492INA 35w1 6b0 25w1 32b½ 4w1 7b0 15w½ 5b0 21w15,01972326,50,0
18IMHossain Enamul2503BAN 39b1 3w1 11b½ 1w0 32b1 9w½ 16w½ 7b0 14w04,52041129,00,0
19IMAl Sayed Mohamad N2486QAT 41w1 27w½ 12b½ 3w0 31b1 13b½ 4w0 28w1 10b04,52013525,50,0
20GMReefat Bin-Sattar2489BAN 23b1 1w0 33b1 11w½ 9b0 4b0 32w1 22w1 8b04,52001624,00,0
21FMBatchuluun Cegmed2404MGL 11b0 26w1 31b0 38w1 40b1 16b0 29w1 10w½ 17b04,51909523,00,0
22IMHakki Imad2422SYR 13w½ 16b0 35w1 5b0 38w0 39b1 25w1 20b0 31w14,51893819,50,0
23FMAyyad Husain2003BRN 20w0 34b1 14w0 36b0 24w0 41b1 39w1 32b½ 33b14,51869317,00,0
24GMTaleb Moussa2365UAE 4w0 25b0 28b1 29w0 23b1 31w1 8b0 33w½ 37b14,51834718,00,0
25Shrestha Bilam Lal2104NEP 10b0 24w1 17b0 28w1 30b0 33w½ 22b0 -1 34w14,51677019,00,0
26Nanjo Ryosuke2186JPN 9b0 21b0 34w0 37w½ 28b0 -1 40b1 39w1 32w14,51606813,00,0
27GMAdianto Utut2589INA 34w1 19b½ 7w0 15b0 35w1 38b1 13w0 14b0 28w½4,01931422,50,0
28Gundavaa Bayarsaihan2237MGL 16w½ 5b0 24w0 25b0 26w1 35b1 34w1 19b0 27b½4,01921517,00,0
29Russell M.K.2234SRI 2b0 31w0 37b1 24b1 14w0 40w1 21b0 30w1 15b04,01888419,00,0
30Bakr Jwan2335SYR 6w0 35b0 41w1 39b1 25w1 12b0 5w0 29b0 38w14,01851219,00,0
31Anurudda G. C.2204SRI 14w0 29b1 21w1 16b0 19w0 24b0 36w½ 38b1 22b03,51927118,50,0
32Amanov Mesgen2339TKM 3b0 37w1 40b1 17w½ 18w0 5b½ 20b0 23w½ 26b03,51907721,00,0
33IMHassan Abdullah2311UAE 5w½ 13b½ 20w0 35b½ 34w½ 25b½ 38w½ 24b½ 23w03,51881918,50,0
34FMRimawi B. T.2308JOR 27b0 23w0 26b1 40w0 33b½ 37w1 28b0 35w1 25b03,51766215,50,0
35Surbir Lama2095NEP 17b0 30w1 22b0 33w½ 27b0 28w0 -1 34b0 41w13,51669415,00,0
36Samhouri A.2322JOR 1b0 39w1 10b0 23w1 13w0 15b0 31b½ 37w0 -13,51668916,50,0
37FMAyyad Maher2137BRN 7w0 32b0 29w0 26b½ -1 34b0 41w1 36b1 24w03,51629313,00,0
38Kojima Shinya2187JPN 12w0 41b1 13w½ 21b0 22b1 27w0 33b½ 31w0 30b03,01949018,00,0
39Tamra Atallah2102PLE 18w0 36b0 -1 30w0 41b1 22w0 23b0 26b0 40w13,01377113,00,0
40MAK Tong Kuan0MAC 8b0 -1 32w0 34b1 21w0 29b0 26w0 41b½ 39b02,51602115,00,0
41Abelgas Rodolfo0MAC 19b0 38w0 30b0 -1 39w0 23w0 37b0 40w½ 35b01,5153457,00,0
42Shoubaita Talal0PLE 15w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,000,00,0

Tie Break1: Sum of the ratings of the opponents (whithout one result)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break (fine)