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21st World Senior Chess Championship

Last update 19.12.2011 01:46:06, Creator: montenegro chess federation,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Player overview for SCO

30IMPritchett Craig W2343SCO110½½1½1½1½7.5182369105.30Open
42FMGiulian Philip M2294SCO½½½½11½½1017.040226915-3.90Open

Results of the last round for SCO

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
FMMishuchkov Nikolai M24187 ½ - ½7 IMPritchett Craig W2343
Grinberg Iosif P22036 0 - 16 FMGiulian Philip M2294

Player details for SCO

IM Pritchett Craig W 2343 SCO Rp:2369 Pts. 7.5
1132Waisberg Arnold2021ISR5.0w 1101.30
285FMWelz Peter Dr2164GER6.0s 1102.70
39GMKomljenovic Davorin2451CRO8.5w 010-3.50
481Nickl Klaus2172AUT6.0s ½10-2.30
583Straub Peter2168GER3.5w ½10-2.30
667Van Den Berg Ad2218NED6.5s 1103.30
757Golcman Evgeny2250RUS7.0w ½10-1.30
870Grinberg Iosif P2203RUS6.0s 1103.10
913Kuyindzhi Alexander A2435RUS6.5w ½101.30
10109Emeljashin Yury2101RUS6.5s 1102.00
1118FMMishuchkov Nikolai M2418RUS7.5s ½101.00
FM Giulian Philip M 2294 SCO Rp:2269 Pts. 7.0
1144Borensztajn David1995BRA3.5w ½15-5.25
2125Marcovici Adrian2049ISR5.5s ½15-4.50
3111Laco Giuseppe2096ITA5.0w ½15-3.90
4117IMChubar Vladimir2083UKR5.0s ½15-4.05
5113Bejleri Medi2092ALB5.5w 1153.60
688Sinelnikov Igor2162RUS6.5s 1154.80
711IMFradkin Boris2445RUS7.0w ½153.00
8109Emeljashin Yury2101RUS6.5s ½15-3.75
975FMKristiansen Erling2193NOR6.5w 1155.40
1019GMRajkovic Dusan2416SRB8.0w 015-4.95
1170Grinberg Iosif P2203RUS6.0s 1155.70