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Torneo Eliminatorio Seleccion Nacional Femenina 2012

Last update 27.05.2012 20:25:29, Creator/Last Upload: erickmarvinguevarasanchez

Starting rank list of players

2WIMZepeda Lorena6700233ESA213521350
5WFMAvelar Gabriela6700667ESA199919990
6WCMSanchez Ingrid6700217ESA198419840
4Zabala Galindo Alejandra Beatr6703089ESA190319030
9Hernandez Bera6700080ESA184818480
3Aguilar Marcela6700322ESA184218420
1Garcia Alcira6702945ESA179117910
7Pinzon Tania J6701914ESA167016700
10Aviles Ana Gabriela6701922ESA000
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