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Rilton 1600 2016/2017

Last update 05.01.2017 16:15:01, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schackförbund

Player overview for NOR

24Dahl Håvar1362NOR1½010103,526137740-29,20Rilton 1600
28Strømhaug Kristoffer Wang1216NOR01½00012,540129640-21,20Rilton 1600

Results of the last round for NOR

Rd.Bo.No.NameGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameGrRtgNo.
71124Dahl Håvar11362 0 - 1 Jönsson Oscar149112
72349Tolstoy Anastasia02 0 - 1 Strømhaug Kristoffer Wang1121628

Player details for NOR

Dahl Håvar 1362 NOR Rp:1377 Pts. 3,5
149Tolstoy Anastasia0SWE2,0w 1
27Öhlund Anders1529SWE4,5s ½0,280,22408,80
33Klosinski Daniel1588SWE5,0w 00,21-0,2140-8,40
450Truskavetska Solomia0SWE2,5s 1
517Juntti Lars Ivar1429SWE3,5w 00,41-0,4140-16,40
637Gaudras Allan0SWE3,5s 1
712Jönsson Oscar1491SWE4,5w 00,33-0,3340-13,20
Strømhaug Kristoffer Wang 1216 NOR Rp:1296 Pts. 2,5
13Klosinski Daniel1588SWE5,0w 00,10-0,1040-4,00
239Gräßler Peter0AUT2,5s 1
350Truskavetska Solomia0SWE2,5w ½
41Tuomainen Jouni1597SWE4,5s 00,09-0,0940-3,60
523Mossiagune Arina1331SWE2,5w 00,34-0,3440-13,60
625Soltesz Imola1285HUN2,5s 0K
749Tolstoy Anastasia0SWE2,0s 1