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XXIX Internacional Vila de Sant Boi - Memorial Mateu Chalmeta- Grup A Code 157978

Last update 17.06.2017 00:34:33, Creator/Last Upload: federació catalana d’escacs (13)

Starting rank list of players

4IMCruz Jonathan38021242433
1IMLorenzo De La Riva Lazaro22688092379
3IMCruz Filemon38002962346
8FMQuirhuayo Chumbe German Gonza38135092291
9FMChalmeta Ugas Ramon22563392276
10FMRyan Joseph25004262258
2MKMorros Faura Ricard22943112256
5Ros Alonso Jaume320134182211
6FMGonzalez Raul Omar22665712205
7MKMoreno Martin Daniel22703402194