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Otvoreno prvenstvo Majdanpeka 2017 "B"

Last update 19.03.2017 12:33:24, Creator/Last Upload: suhartovic branislav

Starting rank

1IIMilutinovic PavleSRB0
2IIIGaric LukaSRB0
3IIIGaric MarkoSRB0
4IVBlagojevic IlijaSRB0
5IVIlic MarkoSRB0
6IVIlic PetarSRB0
7IVJovanovic MilanSRB0
8IVMarkovic AndrejSRB0
9IVMiljevic OgnjenSRB0
10IVPetrovic IgorSRB0
11IVStrainovic NikolaSRB0
12IVCarapic DaniloSRB0
13IVDjelovic StrahinjaSRB0
14IVJovanovic DavidSRB0
15IVKaljesi AndrejSRB0
16IVKornesko JovanSRB0
17IVNikolic Lazar MSRB0
18IVPeric IlijaSRB0
19IVPetkovic MilosSRB0
20IVRadovanovic DavidSRB0
21IVSibinac StevanSRB0
22IVStefanovic LazarSRB0
23IVTerzic JovanSRB0
24IVTomic AleksandarSRB0
25IVVlku PetarSRB0