Individual Championship N.O. Kalamata - Group A

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Round 1 on 2017/11/12 at 17.00
112202Tsekouras Theodoros1 - 0Poulopoulos Ilias11688
221677Labrakopoulos AlexandrosThomaidis Panagiotis Georgios14027
331585Perrakis Polychronis½ - ½Fragou Maria V.14056
441502Louka Marianthi1 - 0Liakos Christos - Konstantinos14505
Round 2 on 2017/11/19 at 17.00
181168Poulopoulos Ilias1 - 0Liakos Christos - Konstantinos14505
261405Fragou Maria V.0 - 1Louka Marianthi15024
371402Thomaidis Panagiotis Georgios0 - 1Perrakis Polychronis15853
412202Tsekouras Theodoros1 - 0Labrakopoulos Alexandros16772
Round 3 on 2017/11/26 at 17.00
121677Labrakopoulos AlexandrosPoulopoulos Ilias11688
231585Perrakis PolychronisTsekouras Theodoros22021
341502Louka MarianthiThomaidis Panagiotis Georgios14027
451450Liakos Christos - KonstantinosFragou Maria V.14056
Round 4 on 2017/12/03 at 17.00
181168Poulopoulos IliasFragou Maria V.14056
271402Thomaidis Panagiotis GeorgiosLiakos Christos - Konstantinos14505
312202Tsekouras TheodorosLouka Marianthi15024
421677Labrakopoulos AlexandrosPerrakis Polychronis15853
Round 5 on 2017/12/10 at 17.00
131585Perrakis PolychronisPoulopoulos Ilias11688
241502Louka MarianthiLabrakopoulos Alexandros16772
351450Liakos Christos - KonstantinosTsekouras Theodoros22021
461405Fragou Maria V.Thomaidis Panagiotis Georgios14027
Round 6 on 2017/12/17 at 17.00
181168Poulopoulos IliasThomaidis Panagiotis Georgios14027
212202Tsekouras TheodorosFragou Maria V.14056
321677Labrakopoulos AlexandrosLiakos Christos - Konstantinos14505
431585Perrakis PolychronisLouka Marianthi15024
Round 7 on 2018/01/07 at 17.00
141502Louka MarianthiPoulopoulos Ilias11688
251450Liakos Christos - KonstantinosPerrakis Polychronis15853
361405Fragou Maria V.Labrakopoulos Alexandros16772
471402Thomaidis Panagiotis GeorgiosTsekouras Theodoros22021