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Elnokhba for Women

Darrera actualització19.04.2011 20:11:57, Creador/Darrera càrrega: egyptian chess federation

Rànquing inicial

1Hassan Hala10608737EGY1911
2WIMAlaa El Din Yosra10606610EGY1893
3WCMElansary Eman10606700EGY1836
4Ghazal Marwa10608184EGY1819
5Mahmoud Merihan10607382EGY1809
6WCMElgohary Fayrouz10605347EGY1805
7Mahmoud Maha10604120EGY1787
8Abdel Moniem Amany10609490EGY1780
9Elgohary Myada10605355EGY1743
10Wafa Shrook10609970EGY1684
11Elgamal Alaa10608672EGY1659
12Abdel Hamid Sabreen10610499EGY0
13Elgohary Gehad10606718EGY0
14Mohsen Hend10613285EGY0
15Omar Radwa10610723EGY0
16Wafa Shahenda10609962EGY0